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The VCU eID is the username used, along with a corresponding eID password, to authenticate you to many VCU web applications and electronic services. Some popular resources that use the eID for authentication include the myVCU Portalwireless network,  VCU Mail Anywhere, Blackboard, VCU Libraries resources, eServices, Banner INB, and some departmental applications. The VCU eID vision is to provide all VCU affiliates with authenticated secure access to the information they need through the web using a simple, single sign-on process.

Your eID is not your student or employee number (also known as your V-number, vID, or Banner number). Your eID is an alphanumeric set of characters that is usually a combination of your last name and initials. The eID followed by usually represents your VCU email address.

Your eID stays in existence indefinitely. This is true for all faculty, staff, and students. This is primarily to allow continued access to eServices. Most VCU resources, however, that use the eID for authorization purposes will not allow access to users no longer affiliated with VCU.  Former students that have not been affiliated with VCU since 2006 may not have an eID assigned and will not have access to eServices. Students without eIDs will have to contact Records and Registration to get access to their academic records.

This article was updated: 10/24/2013

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